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Tag: elitist mindset

How to avoid misery: Stop comparing yourself with the *too successful* people you know

We keep stressing here at ILEBET that you need to have an elitist mindset. One of the reasons is that we want you to cushion yourself against the feeling of misery coming from your belief and admiration of the elites in your life. They are appearing quite far in your dreams and your mind tells you that such status is unachievable. Therefore, you end up feeling sad about the situation instead of being motivated and taking a move. Read more

stop trying to teach people success

A definite result of teaching people success is the apparent reminder of their loser mindsets and failures in life. Focusing on success is like focusing on goals, and it only leads to unhappiness.

Teaching people about success is bad. It makes them think more about the inadequacies they need to get over. They become anxious about winning in life and comparing with everyone in life. We sometimes do it here at ILEBET and realize that we could be leading you astray. We get you so worked up without being honest regarding our expectations for you.

We are not angels. We notice there is a feedback loop that could start right now with advice on being a successful person, then ends up with you beating up yourself for being a loser and failing to live up to the idea of an elitist mindset. Success is not bad, but fixating your life’s meaning upon being successful is the worst thing you can do in your lifetime.

Why you should embrace an elitist mindset to win

In this article, we explore a need for you to carry your affairs, both private and commercial, as a member’s only club affair. We talk about why you should only be open to a select few, and the necessity of narrowing down your options to fit into your system. We highlight the importance of a system but focus more on the creation of a sense of aura and significance amongst your colleagues, peers, friends, and associates. We bring out the benefits of such behavior and the abundance that you create by limiting the choices. Read more

Today is the greatest time to work on

You are going to read about the essence of work, with an introductory description of affairs today and why you must work towards your happiness. No Read more

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