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Stopping procrastination

Today on ILEBET, we are going to tell you about types of habits that take you backward.
There is no second life, and you should think about the first part of this sentence carefully. [click to continue…]

Stop being just a participant in life and actually be winning in your life

There is no time for downtime. Your productivity is not going to wait for you. We already asked you to do the work now. It might be the most difficult thing but trust us; we had the same problem when starting to write this article. Go on and make it happen. The only thing stopping you is probably you. [click to continue…]


You can say NO and still win at life

ilebet teaches you how to say no and achieve your dreams

Saying No can really be difficult even though it is the most important part of your time reclamation system. When you say no, you allow yourself to continue pursuing things that matter to you. Saying no is a way of saying yes to other things. The vacuum you create by saying no shall get filled by something else that you say yes to. Here are some examples. Saying NO is a basic skill that [click to continue…]

vision taking action and systems for achieving goals

You need a vision and some of you might have goals already. However, do not fret about how you get there. Your concern should be about the lifestyle you cultivate as you strive to realize your vision. Being able to do things in time, when you have the most resources, including energy, should be a priority. [click to continue…]


Coping with addiction

addictions consequences booze toxic friends and bad mindset illustrated at ilebet

We seem to all have addictions that are subtly messing our lives. We need to let them go and one way of doing that is by addressing these burdens. Do not take this post as a victim story, or a victim identification charade. We talk about serious things affecting most of our followers who are on a path towards success, yet seem to hit stumbling blocks. [click to continue…]


MyNoise – An understated productivity tool

ilebet illustration of mynoise app

MyNoise app that is also available on the MyNoise.net website is a nifty productivity tool for high achievers. It is a binaural beat generate and noise generator engine that will help you relax or focus on your work. It gets your brain active early in the morning and makes it sleep when you want it to. [click to continue…]


cost management in personal or business inc

cost management ilebet

We recently thought about getting an office space for our small business then realized that it would go against what we preach at ilebet.com. There is a thing [click to continue…]

lessons you can learn from the idea of inertia

An average person today has very many responsibilities. Some of them are valid while others may not really be worth your time. Nonetheless, identifying what is worth and what should pass can be difficult. The difficulty arises mostly because of inertia. [click to continue…]


You must love money

become the center of your life

Money is for saying hahaha to your problems! [click to continue…]


Today is the greatest time to work on you.inc

ilebet do something today your future self will thank you

You are going to read about the essence of work, with an introductory description of affairs today and why you must work towards your happiness. No [click to continue…]