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Stop following mainstream advice

The mainstream advice goes like this:

If you do not know a thing about investing, betting, cryptocurrency [insert some advice here] then you are doing it wrong. You cannot put your money or effort just to figure it out. You need to know what you are betting, investing, prospecting on before you put your money unless you are following someone who does and is successful. Just two to start with and the average people will go on about this kind of advice for ages.

Nonmainstream advice will look like this…

Crazy! Curious.

We think those are some of the words that could describe what we teach here at ILEBET. [click to continue…]


Sometimes the going gets tough, and you feel like you are not going to make it. At such times, remind yourself that the best thing to do is show up and get the work done. You have your work cut for you, and that is all you need to do. Thinking far much about the future tends to disrupt us, and it’s a strategy used by resistance. It is a way that leads you to procrastination. Instead, look at the “here and now”, [click to continue…]



What is the price you are willing to pay? Ask yourself the question every time you are thinking of either sticking to a new habit or going back to your old habits. One of us is keeping up with a new pattern of not drinking, and he has to keep asking himself the price he is willing to pay for getting the benefits he desires. Similarly, we are asking you what the price you want to pay. [click to continue…]


Why you should embrace an elitist mindset to win

In this article, we explore a need for you to carry your affairs, both private and commercial, as a member’s only club affair. We talk about why you should only be open to a select few, and the necessity of narrowing down your options to fit into your system. We highlight the importance of a system but focus more on the creation of a sense of aura and significance amongst your colleagues, peers, friends, and associates. We bring out the benefits of such behavior and the abundance that you create by limiting the choices. [click to continue…]


Outcome independence is a strategy for succeeding in life, and this article will be briefing you on a few things about this uncommon concept.

[click to continue…]


The road less traveled – the champions way

When you skip a day in your routine, the best thing to do is go back the next day and keep doing what you should do. Skipping a day in a system of 365 days a year is no big deal, but that will only be the deal when you leave it at that. Unfortunately, we get stories of a day skipped turning into a week of procrastination and eventually a month of abandoned routine. You wonder, what is it that is so enticing to deny you a chance for improving yourself? [click to continue…]


Unplugging from the system – Are you ready?

Some slow requests coming from your boss. I need you to come in on Monday even though I know you were here on Saturday and Sunday. Such is the kind of report coming from people who say that the previous day just feels like the worst of their life. Most probably, today already feels like the worst day. [click to continue…]


5 hacks to instantly look more presentable

The following five hacks can make you look better and cool instantly. In this article, the boys at ILEBET are explaining to you five things about manly grooming that lead to a better look. These five things are hats, beards, hair, body fat, and chewing gum. [click to continue…]


Stopping procrastination

Today on ILEBET, we are going to tell you about types of habits that take you backward.
There is no second life, and you should think about the first part of this sentence carefully. [click to continue…]

Stop being just a participant in life and actually be winning in your life

There is no time for downtime. Your productivity is not going to wait for you. We already asked you to do the work now. It might be the most difficult thing but trust us; we had the same problem when starting to write this article. Go on and make it happen. The only thing stopping you is probably you. [click to continue…]