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Random thoughts spit at 40wpm on a legacy keyboard to find their way into some combination of html, php and css plus javascript. Again to find themselves as text on your sreen.

cost management in personal or business inc

We recently thought about getting an office space for our small business then realized that it would go against what we preach at There is a thing Read more

How to make your laptop fast and sturdy in 2017 and beyond

Take care of your tools.

I am still using a Thinkpad t430 laptop three years down the line. Bought it in 2014 August as a used item and it is insanely fast. I have a guide here for keeping your laptop fast and on point all the time. Recently a friend came to me with a newer HP laptop, core i5 and 4GB ram just like mine, but booting took a whole 2 minutes and the computer froze most of the time. It was pathetic slow. I shut and restart mine in 30 sec. Yes, that includes both the shutting down time and the booting time. He had to use my computer to take an online test because he could not trust his laptop with the risk of chrome browser freezing on him.

How to make your laptop fast and sturdy in 2017 and beyond

Begin by installing an SSD drive. The Solid State Drive is 20 times faster than the fastest Hard Disk Drive. Google SSD vs. HDD and see the difference. The price of SSD for laptops continues to plummet. Here is my set up. I have a 120GB SSD on the laptop. I have the previous 500GB as an external drive. You only need an external cover to make it an external drive. An external cover is very affordable.

Switch to Windows 7. It might be old but it is your best productivity bet. The operating system will let you tinker with the windows updates and keep them off.

Number 2, you need to stop with the Windows Updates. Once you make a fresh install, or when you are on your current installation, stop the automatic updating of the Windows Operating System. The computer just worked fine without these updates. You are not using your laptop as part of a corporate system so just make sure they are off.

You should find ways of doing things online so that you do not have to install software on your computer.

Install a capable antimalware program that offers real-time protection. There is no need for anti-virus software of any kind. They just slow your computer. Rely on Microsoft’s own Windows Defender. Combine it with something like Malwarebytes that offers real-time protection against shady websites that will install cookies on your browser and spy on you while also using your computer to mine bitcoins. This shit sounds crazy and jargon. It’s true though.

Replace your battery to get the promised hours of productivity. A bat replacement might give you the 6 to 10-hour battery life that you need.

Check later for an updated version of this guide.

Remember, taking care of your tools is a fundamental rule of faking it to make it as outlined elsewhere on


Take back life, pay back debt

There is power in paying your debts and having money left after you clear your bills. Read more


Life is awesome.

We love

The only thing you should be thinking about now is ways to manage your energy.

Energy, unlike anything else, “can never be created nor destroyed.”

That is a major law of physics.

You can only channel it in a particular way to get results that you want or those that you do not want.

Energy is a beast, a slave, and a master and so on. It is many things in different ways, depending on how you are treating it.

I can tell you right now that I am using my energy to write this article.

And you can reply that I go it from the food I ate, and you probably have your energy from the motivation seminar you attended.

Get the grip of this, energy is in different forms. When you feel energized, that is energy.

And the same thing happens when you feel so lazy after filling your stomach with food. All your energy goes to digestion, and none remains for doing anything else.

Energy is a powerful thing.

Energy is one of the fundamental elements of life that you should learn. You need to understand that energy is a resource.

Whatever you do with it comes later.

Right now, you must get it in your mind that you are energy.

Maybe you are just a collection of energy.

You also emit energy.

And you also receive energy in various forms.

Think of the sunlight, the bad peer influence, the preacher that never stops praying, and your spouse who keeps on giving you heaven.

It is all energy from one container/body to another.

Middle Class – Nairobi

Middle class people have a problem that the high class and low class people do not have. Middle class people have imaginery problems. They will go hungry just to feel like they are important. They will go to fancy restaurants to receive whack treatment with tin cups instead of clay or glass cups, and sit on hard surface and sometimes ugly wooden benches instead of sofas. They will often take up funny hobbies that neither the wealthy nor the poor in Read more

Starting again

The worst lesson to learn is that the first solution was good. It was not perfect, but it did what was necessary with the least amount of time demands.

Time is money. Read more

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