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cost management in personal or business inc

We recently thought about getting an office space for our small business then realized that it would go against what we preach at ilebet.com. There is a thing about being capable of self-efficiency. A business would need premises to use for serving its clients. It must also take care such that it does not get [...]

Take care of your tools. I am still using a Thinkpad t430 laptop three years down the line. Bought it in 2014 August as a used item and it is insanely fast. I have a guide here for keeping your laptop fast and on point all the time. Recently a friend came to me with [...]

Take back life, pay back debt

There is power in paying your debts and having money left after you clear your bills. There is power in remaining with some change in your pocket. In whatever you do in this consumer world, keep change in your pocket. There is great happiness in knowing that you chose not to buy something because first, you [...]


Life is awesome. We love ilebet.com The only thing you should be thinking about now is ways to manage your energy. Energy, unlike anything else, “can never be created nor destroyed.” That is a major law of physics. You can only channel it in a particular way to get results that you want or those [...]

Middle Class – Nairobi

Middle class people have a problem that the high class and low class people do not have. Middle class people have imaginery problems. They will go hungry just to feel like they are important. They will go to fancy restaurants to receive whack treatment with tin cups instead of clay or glass cups, and sit [...]

Starting again

The worst lesson to learn is that the first solution was good. It was not perfect, but it did what was necessary with the least amount of time demands. Time is money. Sometimes the lesson is hard to learn, but this is the reality. Keep on working on a solution, and when it meets the [...]