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Be grateful this instance for a turn in your life. You are the person who is suffering from this loss and feeling like you can never get rich. Deep inside you know that you can get rich only that you care less about that. Your deepest desire right now is to pay the rent and not [...]

How to get back into being productive

There is a point in your life, sometime last month, or last year, when you hit it in the morning and finished it by evening, day in day out. What happened? you are probably asking yourself right now. You are seeking inspiration, trying to find the feeling back to let you get back to your [...]

How to use willpower correctly

Goals fail because people set goals and then start on a high note. They have good intentions but they fail. Goals fail because of wrong use of willpower. Many losers try to use willpower to attack a goal and end up with a high burnout rate in the first few days or hours. The going gets [...]

A guide for beating the losers’ mindset

The ILEBET success story is something that you will want to sit down and listen to several times before understanding. Nevertheless, we want you to do the exact opposite. We want you to do something else, see results, and confirm with us that the principles of success are the same and they apply to your [...]

Stop caring about details when starting

You need to make decisions and move on because that is the only way to make steps going forward. Stop caring about details when you are starting because the details will derail you. It’s futile to think about the smoothness of a wall when you are still looking at the house plan on paper. Work [...]

We keep stressing here at ILEBET that you need to have an elitist mindset. One of the reasons is that we want you to cushion yourself against the feeling of misery coming from your belief and admiration of the elites in your life. They are appearing quite far in your dreams and your mind tells [...]

What do you do when your objectivity is waning? The question lingers often in our minds as soon as we realize we are falling behind. The doing part of any system could get tough and slouch becomes a preferable method of coping. You start telling your brain all sorts of things to justify why you [...]

You can do a lot when you gain the confidence to do it. Success in life is about having the confidence to take on your life’s challenges and opportunities. You should be succeeding by merely being confident. Try it for a while and you should realize confidence is an important ingredient in the results you [...]

  The world is full of stubborn-minded people who want require persuasion to change their views about important things. At the same time, it is full of people who think similarly for the same things such as money, snacks, rooms, sex, and seats. Economists like Prof Kahneman and Richard Thaler, use the uniqueness and similarities to [...]

The early signs of success

After waking up early for several days and making it a bit, you realize that there are several new hours added to your life. Meanwhile, as you keep on simplifying life by removing the unnecessary, you get even more hours to use during the day. Many people will experience the transition the first time they [...]