Learn a skill that will help you. Many people today attend motivational seminars that are not going to help these.

These are types of masturbatory activities for the brain. You fool your brain into thinking you are doing so much work. In reality, you are just hyping yourself. See people on Sunday and the way they behave.

They talk as though they are going to conquer the world, just because someone in a sermon yesterday told them that were true.

The reality keeps happening irrespective of what these people think. Therefore, they shall continue waiting for the paycheck and keep doing their jobs.

They will work hard for their boss and believe they are on a path to prosperity and a million shillings saved.

However, if you lack skills, then you are not living. You merely exist. Skills such as copywriting help you a lot. A skill such as essay writing online can get you extra income.

A skill such as walking dogs or being an escort can get you clients and a financial future. Try learning a skill and making yourself good at it.