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Month: September 2018

Impressions matter: Tell yourself this now

If someone does not find you desirable, they will find you ease to accuse. Most people do not know this issue, but the most beautiful of handsome people around us tend to get away with mistakes. They can do a shoddy job at work, and they get a pass.

Some beautiful ladies got a second look at their exams after the marketing was done because they impress the professor nuts with their cleavage and smile.

You can not change this aspect of human behavior but who are you not to use it to your advantage. People are going by their internal judgment of the situation and other people. If a girl you like seems too hot, then you will probably self-jeopardize your capabilities of being with her.

On the other hand, the same rarely happens when a girl like you, only that you might be ignoring the shit out of her. The important thing is to learn the dynamics of the sexes and to make them work to your advantage.

You can change, but you have an inherent problem with the thought of what you are doing being right. It might or it might not. Try not to think of it that way. You should be concentrating on tips that work. Of course, a person who is already earning interest from investments knows the importance of making those investments. However, try telling that to the broke and in a debated guy, and it all seems foreign.

I know these things feel foreign to you since the last time you had your way with people and impressed them was before Jesus, which is to say never. Get back your cool and bring back the old days when you did not care about anything except for what you want.

Do what the pros do

People mirror themselves against others. Someone else whom you seem to influence is probably mirroring your actions. Observe yourself and others in your surroundings.

You will tend to notice some similarities.

Do you see people sounding the same, using similar words, wearing similar clothes and somehow having the same posture after hanging out together frequently? You probably see in campus, students taking a particular course behaving similarly. You can tell this is a nerd and this is not one. Such are the outcomes of public mimicry.

It can be a good thing for your success.

On the other hand, it could mean you are being too much of a beta male. Time to stop it and get other improved postures, wordings, habits and so on.

see it enough times, start doing it

The rat race in one picture

What is wrong with this picture?

Men wearing designer hats, or would I say corporate mass branded hats and all holding up their iPhones for a shot of Tiger Woods. Men living their excitement and thrill though another person’s story.

Men who are consumers and all lined up to do what they do best. Consumer so that others can see them consuming, and see them as superfluous socially.
This activity and this picture are the definition of the rat race.

Why you need to learn a new skill ASAP

Learn a skill that will help you. Many people today attend motivational seminars that are not going to help these.

These are types of masturbatory activities for the brain. You fool your brain into thinking you are doing so much work. In reality, you are just hyping yourself. See people on Sunday and the way they behave.

They talk as though they are going to conquer the world, just because someone in a sermon yesterday told them that were true.

The reality keeps happening irrespective of what these people think. Therefore, they shall continue waiting for the paycheck and keep doing their jobs.

They will work hard for their boss and believe they are on a path to prosperity and a million shillings saved.

However, if you lack skills, then you are not living. You merely exist. Skills such as copywriting help you a lot. A skill such as essay writing online can get you extra income.

A skill such as walking dogs or being an escort can get you clients and a financial future. Try learning a skill and making yourself good at it.

Habits will make you successful and bring you money while saving you from broke

The tiny things you do repeatedly become you. The waking up early yesterday today and tomorrow is just an example. The days when you used to eat only one breakfast meal and used the rest of the day to get ahead; that was you.

Each thing you do now is making you prosper or derailing you. If you want money then you have to be in the habit of doing things that bring money. A low paying job does not bring money; a high paying job brings money. A high debt gets money away while a low one still gets money away from your pocket.

Avoid the M-shuari, Tala, Timiza, Branch, Saida, and all the bank advances unless they are going to aid your cash flow and cause you to get more money, without paying too much for it.

Habits today and tomorrow; always remember they make you into what you are now, and what you shall be in future.

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