Be grateful this instance for a turn in your life. You are the person who is suffering from this loss and feeling like you can never get rich. Deep inside you know that you can get rich only that you care less about that. Your deepest desire right now is to pay the rent and not have such worries. It might be something else in your life. If you are reading this right now, then you are having a better time. You are reading and are probably getting the idea, and that counts.

Gratitude is greatness

The only way to happiness is by being happy. A cliche right there that you might have seen coming. But the same is true for loving your life and getting ideas for improving it. Stay grateful. Each day should be one that you cherish and love. You have several hours, and they are beneficial for your movement towards a life you like.

You might be living the life

You have to keep looking for success. You must also notice when it is here. Your money game may still be so low, but your confidence game is excelling. Be grateful for both because you can borrow tips and lessons from one and push them towards the other.

Keep your diary

Try to remember how the day was and the things that went well. You probably finished the work or started it after procrastinating for so long. Stay happy and be grateful. There are simple virtues that go a long way.

Take action

Do something small for yourself and stay grateful about the chance to do the thing you aimed to. It is simple and straightforward. The idea is to have something that causes you to be grateful, and the best way is to convert everything you do into something that you would be grateful for doing. It is complicated, but when you take the steps, you might understand it.