There is a point in your life, sometime last month, or last year, when you hit it in the morning and finished it by evening, day in day out. What happened? you are probably asking yourself right now. You are seeking inspiration, trying to find the feeling back to let you get back to your productive self.

Oh my, you were indeed so productive. You probably hit your monthly target in just a week, and you did that despite all the distractions. Is there a way to get back to that form of excellent personal productivity?

There is a way of beating the resistance and it has everything to do with how you view the work you are doing and what you do to overcome the resistance. You are a human after all, and you need to take it easy. You fear going back to your productive self because you love the person and are terrified of that person. The laziness in you does not want to let go. How about you bait the lazy stuff into being so not lazy. Start doing something lazily and see how you soon turn productive. Rinse repeat.

Start lazily writing a post for your blog. Leave it in draft. Then start lazily editing the draft, and your brain suddenly forces you to focus on this work. Start just lifting the weight just for fun to see what happens, and before you know it, you are doing the reps.

In fact, there is no secret to productivity. Make sure you show up. If you do not show up, there wont be a chance for you to do the work, even in the lazy way. Showing up at a bar is all you need to do to spend time away. Showing up in front of the internet, and on the Facebook page is all you do and your half day is gone as you swipe away pictures. Use the same brain trick. Show up at the site of work and just keep doing anything that is work related that comes to mind, and you realize you are pushing through most of the work, and you are moving towards completion at a faster rate than before with each subsequent trial.