Goals fail because people set goals and then start on a high note. They have good intentions but they fail.

Goals fail because of wrong use of willpower. Many losers try to use willpower to attack a goal and end up with a high burnout rate in the first few days or hours. The going gets too difficult eventually.

Trying to eat healthily or to stop watching TV as a goal might seem easy until you do it when you suddenly get the willpower. You soon realize it is quite difficult to stay committed.

Willpower is good but you are probably using it all wrong.

Goal setting is not the right way to seek success. A system is the solution. An established routine for you helps accommodate the different ups and downs of daily life and allows you to achieve more wins and losses. Eventually, you will be a winner because when we subtract the losses, you remain with the wins.

A system to improve your social life might include arrangements with a gym to show up every Friday, and an agreement with a dancing instructor to have lessons every Monday. Getting these agreements started is the right way of using your willpower. You can then focus on the least effort to get you through a day that consists of several accomplishments of your willpower.