You need to make decisions and move on because that is the only way to make steps going forward.

Stop caring about details when you are starting because the details will derail you.

It’s futile to think about the smoothness of a wall when you are still looking at the house plan on paper. Work out something first as far as building the wall goes, and then think about the finishing.

People fear to start blogs because they take too much time working out the right number of words. They spend hours calculating the ideal sentence length and things like that but do not move an inch. Try it today, get on with the work and see where it takes you. A step at a time.

The other day a friend wanted to start a garden but kept on going to youtube videos to find out the real one or the best that he could have with his money. It paid little in return. Finally, he got a structure, then when he placed it on your balcony, he realized he needed plants for the structure. He went out and got tins, then got four plants and started. Right now, he can think about the proper placement of the plant and other tweaks.

Starting and doing something about what you want is more important than focusing on the details. Details matter a lot but only when it is time to focus on the given detail. When you are typing, you focus on putting words on the page. Nothing else. When you are editing, you can worry whether the thought came out fine.

Stop stalling. Get it done. Start doing something now.

The details are going to slow you down. Do something now that moves you forward.

You can always change your decisions later by making new decisions.

Decide now.