We keep stressing here at ILEBET that you need to have an elitist mindset. One of the reasons is that we want you to cushion yourself against the feeling of misery coming from your belief and admiration of the elites in your life. They are appearing quite far in your dreams and your mind tells you that such status is unachievable. Therefore, you end up feeling sad about the situation instead of being motivated and taking a move.

The solution is to stop focusing much on the life of the celebrities and the elites. Just work on yourself and your level. Remember to follow the mantra of one thing at a time.

You are okay, as long as you are taking action in your own way and crafting your life based on your definition of success.

So what if the rest of the world is dancing to a different tune?


Be your own self and that is probably the best advice you can use right now as you unwind and take note of the progress you made since last week. You are doing this for you.inc and nothing or no one else and that is what the elitist mindset taught here at ILEBET covers.

You should not be losing sleep, your health, and life in the process of trying to be successful. Success is a mentality and once you realize that you are in competition with everyone and no one concurrently, you open a new chapter of abundance in your life.

Stop focusing too much on those who made it.

You might never meet them and you might not even like them when you meet them. Focus on the here and the now.

Look at the efforts you are making and the results you are getting. Chill and meditate on that for a while as you see your life becoming better and better day after day.

We urge you to quit social media so that it does not suck you into lives of *too successful* people who are definitely out of your league. Their stories and lives do not motivate you. They only frustrate you and move you into wishful thinking.