The world is full of stubborn-minded people who want require persuasion to change their views about important things. At the same time, it is full of people who think similarly for the same things such as money, snacks, rooms, sex, and seats. Economists like Prof Kahneman and Richard Thaler, use the uniqueness and similarities to create models that fit everyone, but it does not mean that everyone should fit. The majority will fit, and that is what they go with, in their analyses.

Some things will not just make sense to the masses. Those who pursue such things appear as curious or even crazy. These things can be quite small such as picking flights or very complex such as deciding to join a company and becoming its employee for a while.
Some people have a curious, calculated, and rational way to look at life and it makes them appear quite lazy and free. They do not appear busy as the rest of the masses. They are not having many obligations and desires in a visible manner like most people. They have a mundane lifestyle that seems just enough for them and they are hard to understand despite having a straightforward lifestyle. However, in some cases, these people are successful. In fact, some successful people disappoint the masses because they do not fit the mass-packaged definition of a successful person. They do things differently and are not flashy. They also do not frequent high-end restaurants as the masses do, and their Instagram is not as busy as that of rich-looking socialites.

The reality that everyone seems to shut out is the fact that all of us are creators and we have a capacity to build our lives based on what we want and what comfortably fits us. As an individual, you can have a life fitting you and it may include visits to fancy restaurants. However, on a general scale, you will appear very odd because the rest of the masses just go with anything given to them pretentiously claiming it is for the rich.

They will sign up to gyms and own new fashionable cars just to hide their insecurities. However, ILEBET asks you first to face your insecurities and the resistance in your life, as you become an improved version of yourself. We are not about motivating you and things like that because they take you nowhere.

We are asking you to do things in a certain way with a particular belief because anyone who does things this way ends up with a particular kind of results. It is a simple concept that the masses follow without their knowledge.

If you are a loser, then it is because you are doing things in a particular very consistently and you get getting results pushing you further into a particular life.

You need to do a turnaround in your mindset, and adopt a system that lets you do things in the opposite and often non-mainstream way so that you end up with different and desirable results while the masses wonder how comes you are not conforming to their image of success.