After waking up early for several days and making it a bit, you realize that there are several new hours added to your life. Meanwhile, as you keep on simplifying life by removing the unnecessary, you get even more hours to use during the day. Many people will experience the transition the first time they are turning pro and paying attention to their creative endeavors and jobs. You are witnessing the early signs of success in your life.

You will wake up early than usual because you now have an important challenge to pursue during the day.  You shall feel quite energized during the rest of the day since you cut out most of the junk eating and are relying on a clean diet, without too much energy needs for digestion. We are talking fewer grains and legumes. You find that you are not that hungry and your stomach no longer dictates your mood.

After making some changes to your life, you realize that time is now a pleasant resource. You feel like life is moving at a snappy pace. You found a way to cut out the distractions so you can work on the job for 45 minutes when initially it took you 4 hours. You have no Instagram and Facebook feeds to consume idly. Thus, these are just additional free hours for you to contemplate.

You purged your wardrobe because you realized that feeling good about yourself could be something worth pursuing safely. You report no use of drugs and alcohol or another external stimulus. You have clothes you wear at least once every two weeks and shoes that you love so much. You have no extras that just fill up space. You feel well accommodated in your humble aboard without a need to upgrade your room or house size. Your minimalist endeavors are paying off regarding giving you additional free time.

Your money is working for you in investments. Your expenses are reducing because you are no longer partying blindly. You are also careful to avoid the unlucky and succumb to their need for favors. Your elite lifestyle seems to get you more money by the day and working is no longer a chore but a labor of love.

You are transitioning into a new you, but ghosts from your past life might still haunt you. People who do not know the internal struggles you face as you quit drinking, started lifting, began a discipline of reflecting on your day each day, many continue disturbing your peace. However, your mindset is changing, and you see things a little different. The experience is almost spiritual. You see resistance in its true face, and you attack it viciously by continuing with the work you set for yourself. You are triumphing.

Good luck with the rest of your days. Getting more money and freeing up more time should bring back the creative child in your and it should be a joyful thing for your soul. Encourage yourself to see the abundance in your life. Be grateful for the small things in life irrespective of how grand your plan is for the Desiderata says you are a child of the universe.