The mainstream advice goes like this:

If you do not know a thing about investing, betting, cryptocurrency [insert some advice here] then you are doing it wrong. You cannot put your money or effort just to figure it out. You need to know what you are betting, investing, prospecting on before you put your money unless you are following someone who does and is successful. Just two to start with and the average people will go on about this kind of advice for ages.

Nonmainstream advice will look like this…

Crazy! Curious.

We think those are some of the words that could describe what we teach here at ILEBET. They are what most successful people do with their systems. They have some systems that do not obey the conventional flow.

For example, successful people who want to earn good money will decide to pay ludicrously high membership fees for a gym because they want to use their time to work out alongside other successful people. The mainstream guys will be spending four hours reading articles about “how to save money on gym members in New York, Atlanta, London, Lagos, Bangkok, Nairobi, Budapest, Moscow [insert your city here] and feel good about it.

You should not be having a mainstream system for your success unless you are getting any benefit from that. Even motivational speakers, televangelist that preach the gospel of prosperity spew that mainstream advice for the masses because they know lazy people are losers who do not want to do shit. They do not want to read long articles that give them actionable steps or real mindset triggers to help them change their system. The motivational speakers and televangelist tell you to follow them because they are successful without telling you they succeed by following a system. They never give you their system, but instead, fool you into being dependent on that system. The average person will keep buying books, attending seminars, and drinking blessed water in their endeavor to become prosperous without noticing the fraud.

We tell you to become an elitist, to mind your, and to grow your business money streams based on a systemized approach instead of a goal-seeking approach. We tell you to think of small things that bring joy or money to you (depending on what you are looking for) and keep doing that because the sum of the parts makes up the whole.

Your daily thoughts make up your mindset, and your everyday mundane tasks make up your habits. You lose today, win tomorrow, but overall you are winning, and that is what separates you as an elitist from everybody else.

A look around can reveal so many mainstream pieces of advice that a keen re-look shows they are just hogwash meant to keep you afraid and broke.

The mainstream advice for meeting girls is to go out clubbing with impressive clothes, cars, and ordering bottle service.

The non-mainstream advice followed by successful people would be to hit the club occasionally, tip heavily during the night, pay cash, be by the counter, chat with girls, and ask them to dance, then you get the chance to touch them intimately as part of the dance. The bouncers respect you, the barman is on your side, the drink price is low at the counter, you are flexible, you can see the rest of the club, you are standing or sitting at the bar stool, which peacocks you, and you are taking the initiative. The strategy can get you somewhere, and the other person has to try to convince people to go out of the club to see his fancy car. He has to pay expensive bottle service to impress girls who are not sitting at his table. In short, he is losing, and he does not know it. He puts himself in an unreachable position while you place yourself in a reachable position and that makes the difference.