Sometimes the going gets tough, and you feel like you are not going to make it. At such times, remind yourself that the best thing to do is show up and get the work done. You have your work cut for you, and that is all you need to do. Thinking far much about the future tends to disrupt us, and it’s a strategy used by resistance. It is a way that leads you to procrastination. Instead, look at the “here and now”, and ask yourself what you are willing to pay to enjoy this moment. Your work is the only thing you have for paying your dues. Your work on yourself would be the highest payment you can offer. Work on your system based on the minimum daily activities set for yourself would be what matters right now. Thus, get to work. Here are examples of ways of getting to work.

Saving money

You might think of getting money in future and keeping it, but that remains a dream. Pay a few your bills and save a bit of your money right now. Hopefully, you already have a savings account or a similar facility right now. Send the money even when it seems small. Your future self will be looking at you and thanking you profusely because the little money you save might be the seed capital or the additional capital for your business as days go. Saving money is also a way to tell your brain that you are ready for success, and it is one of the elitist mindset behaviors that we talked about in a previous post.


We know many of the people who read this blog want to exercise on a daily basis or they already do. The simple task is to do a routine according to your daily plan. For example, you might be having dumbells, and all you need to do is lift five times in repetitions of 15 and finish or discard. It looks trivial, but success is about doing the trivial things that nobody seems to think of doing. Furthermore, you are looking for a way to find that common flow state in your mind, and reaching it could only come through constant repetition with a little tweaking. Do the reps according to the system you set.


It is not rocket science, put on the rice, cut all the rest of the carbs except for Irish potatoes. You want to use pure starch sources and stay away from grains and legumes irrespective of what your doctor and colleagues say. Meanwhile, those who want to build mass should take a full chicken in a meal, with lots of butter, and not eat anything else until after 12 hours. Keep on doing what you usually do, but remember this simple rules. They will get you lean and well massed, assuming you are already lifting. However, the essence of this post is to give you the necessary minimum task you can do. In this case, you can get rid of the carbs, and when you are at a restaurant just order something like rice, veggies, meat, and butter/cheese. It is a simple meal that you can indulge as much as you want. You do not need much information and books for dieting. This diet will get you lean in no time; then you can start working on other meals.

Friends [loose meaning]

We already said it before; you need to stop paying too much attention to friends and divert the attention to yourself. When you need to chat someone up, go to a public place like a cafe where you have to sit beside other people, or just get random strangers in the street and say hi, then move on. You will realize talking to people is easy, but there is no need to fret about friends and where to find them, or things to say to them and all that stuff. Just be cool with yourself and spend time on your hobbies. You need to be a person for other people to like you. Unfortunately, many people want to be like their celebrities, and they end up as mainstream copies with no personal personality.


Sit and do the work (assuming its desk work). When you finish, stand and do something else. Do not try to do the work while you are doing something else. If the work is getting tough, just keep doing the minimum to get on. Are you writing a report? Do one paragraph at a time and keep on going until your time is up or the work ends. You will be teaching yourself disciple in the process. Stop worrying about the chair and the mouse or the laptop noise. They are just forms of resistance, and when you keep on doing the work a step at a time, you realize that these seemingly glaring distractions go away.


Use your finger to move your eyes along the sentence as you read and keep doing that until you get at the end of the page. Turn the page, or click the button on the next page and repeat. You can write notes later after you are done reading a segment. Just do one thing at a time, either read or write the notes from what you recall. Stop trying to read and highlighting and expanding the thoughts and doing so many things all at once. The work will be too much, and your progress will be too slow.