What is the price you are willing to pay? Ask yourself the question every time you are thinking of either sticking to a new habit or going back to your old habits. One of us is keeping up with a new pattern of not drinking, and he has to keep asking himself the price he is willing to pay for getting the benefits he desires. Similarly, we are asking you what the price you want to pay.

The price might be the opportunity cost for all the forgone alternatives you consider. Here, you are talking about the friends who are going to leave you, and the security of a job that you might be having right now, and the familiarity of the place you live and so on.

A new habit requires you to get into a new routine, and when you are thinking of a productive habit that is life-changing such as quitting drinking, then you are talking of more than just the drink itself. You will be changing your environment to fit your new intentions. You will shift your friends, your hangouts, and your thought patterns.

New habits do not come easy, and many try for a few days and give in to resistance or give up altogether. Habits require at least three weeks of consistent practice if they are daily undertakings. Three weeks is both a long and a short time.

Take something like waking up, unless you are doing it for three weeks straight; you can barely say you wake up early. Another example is lifting weights; unless you do it for 21 different sessions in successive fashion, you cannot say you lift habitually as your second nature. Some habits will take lesser time, but we are going with the 21-day or repetitions period. It should be the price you are willing to pay at the least.

Some people say they are going to play soccer every evening or every weekend. It is a good ambition, and the question coming up is, are you willing to do that for 21 weekends to make it a habit? You will need to make changes to your schedule and maybe add some things just to cope with the new demand.

Luckily, you can cope by just doing it a session at a time or a day at a time. You can wake up today and care less about tomorrow until tomorrow gets here. However, you must tune your mind to know that you are willing to pay this price to get your desired result. When you become an elitist in your life, you must be willing to pay the price of being an elitist. Always think about the price because nothing comes free.