In this article, we explore a need for you to carry your affairs, both private and commercial, as a member’s only club affair. We talk about why you should only be open to a select few, and the necessity of narrowing down your options to fit into your system. We highlight the importance of a system but focus more on the creation of a sense of aura and significance amongst your colleagues, peers, friends, and associates. We bring out the benefits of such behavior and the abundance that you create by limiting the choices.

You have to choose yourself and allow yourself to be the center of the world. You can only stop sabotaging yourself after you accept that you are the prodigy you always dream of becoming. There is no more dreaming ahead of you. Only acting as though you are there, and surely you will be the person you think about all the time.

Your thoughts must translate to actions. Many people remain stuck at the thought part and dismiss it immediately by doing something else. They dream of being rich someday but keep on saying someday. They are doing nothing in the present moment to act rich, and they are just waiting for something that is never coming. You are waiting for a job that is never coming your way. Think about it and look at yourself. You mind end up in this spot or a worse spot than this one should you continue with that wrong mindset.

Choosing yourself and accepting your elitist bubble is the only way to succeed in this life. You have to assume the abundance of things you do and then empower yourself to understand and act on your situation. You are the only person in your world, and the rest are mere creations. Many people are already living victim lives because they create those circumstances in their lives. We are going a little philosophical with this one because we see no other better way of explaining it. You are merely recreating your problems on a daily basis instead of acting on the solutions, one step at a time.
The people who wake up early when no one else is awake then work on their studies, or do their online marketing for their online business or lift weights before starting their days are taking action. They are putting themselves first, and they do not mind anyone else’s business. They are the kings and the elite in their worlds. They can tell that they need changes and since they are the elite, they make those changes happen.

You need the same approach. You should be choosing friends, circumstances and many other things in your life as you want to indulge them.

The habits of losers

Losers are choosing the easy path that is not so easy in the long run. They are choosing to keep kissing ass and to look on as their opportunities swim away. They imagine that the simple work done today will amount to nothing eventually, so they do not start. They imagine the simple cheats they take today will not amount to anything and so they continue cheating themselves in life. They keep on drinking themselves silly every evening since it is just a beer a day, and they can drive comfortably after the beer.

The habits of winners

Winners are taking an elitist mindset to another level. They are working on some extra income because they know when they go drinking, they will need a chauffeur to ferry them and their date home. They also know that when they go out, they will leave big tips. Thus, they plan for the moment, and scout for the available clubs and the lifestyle at night in their areas. They also pick the right times to go clubbing because they are on a mission. They rarely do things unconsciously, because even when it seems so easy and natural, it is something that they practice a lot before the due time. They know that they are the cream of society, they are the ones who make things happen, and they understand the burden of the weight of performance that they place on themselves. They are familiar with being told they are the best at what they do. They know the hours put in to study systems and to risk investments and to take cold showers. They understand it best, and they cherish the time they have to do these things. They are always grateful for a day well spend working on processes in their system and leaving the rest to fate. They are outcome independent, and they focus much on the company they keep, the entertainment they have, and the messages they keep in their subconscious.

Winners have an elitist mindset. They are the people who will work their bodies hard because they know they can. They are the people who pay the full price and care less about discounts because they know the value they are getting. The elites do not have to pretend to be elites; they just live their lives the elite way. The losers try to outshine each other with their fancy lifestyle but it is all a fancy lifestyle, and they are fooling no one but their loser selves. They spend time in coffee shops spending hundreds of dollars every month on overpriced meals thinking they are having the best time in their lives yet they are digging a hole into debt. Losers are funny characters especially when they start talking, and the elites know them from a mile away and avoid them like the plague. The losers do nothing but waste time. Their time means nothing to them, and they waste it.

Elites love their time because they know it is a resource meant to give them value in their lives. They use it to love, to care, to donate, to work, and to pay. They use it well, and they are always watching out for the leaches in their lives. They are careful not to let the Instagram and Facebook, or Twitter feed draw them into endless scrolling contests that leave them spiritually empty. They have a few friends to catch up once in a while, but in the rest of their time, they work on their “”