Outcome independence is a strategy for succeeding in life, and this article will be briefing you on a few things about this uncommon concept.

When someone says they are independent of the outcome, they imply that whether they get a positive or negative, they will remain satisfied. In any case, losers are merely playing the game and hoping for the best, but they are not so sure of the result.

If you take this approach and apply it to your life, you realize it answers many pertinent questions what you should do and things you should do. Outcome independence in situations tends to remove some of the inhibitions you might have in your money, and it allows you to go ahead with your plans. You are likely to enjoy the results better whether they are half or full than when you imagine just wanting the best and nothing else.

Abundant mindset

Abundant mindset closely related to outcome independence or “zero fucks given.”

We at ILEBET like to think of an abundant mindset driving our thinking about may of the issues we handle on this blog. We write this blog in our free/extra time, when we are done make money or doing the primary job in other places. We write it as a way to create an asset for the future and as a way to pass down the knowledge to the coming generation. We assume that someone is going to read these words. We do not know anything about the growth of this blog for sure, but we are certain that there will be an outcome after a year and after many other years.

The abundant mindset that we use is the one that you should also use in your life. You should do the work, and ensure that you are putting the best of you. It is really that simple. You believe that there is more to come with each input from you. Therefore, as you keep that thought on, you end up feeling appreciative of the simple steps you take and the little opportunities that come your way.

We are not addressing people who are merely looking for a way to double their money because suddenly they realize they are broke. Those persons are least likely to accept the idea of an abundant mindset and outcome independence. We are here for the people who already appreciate the need to stop procrastinating in life. They know that this is a point of hunting or losing. They do their work in a blue collar fashion and wait for results. Those are the people we are targeting. The people who run businesses or want to, and those who invest their money or want to.

We are likely to talk more about business and investment than any other thing in life, becaues these are the major sources of abundance and they also take much abundance to start and sustain. A business can grow only after you decide not to be too much on its case. Your role is to work hard on the things that come up and to leave the rest to fate. After all, the universe has its role to play in aligning you with the customers. You can only spend the time, then wait for the results, learn you lesson, and tweak where you need to. Once you get this idea for a business then you magically accept the reality that you face. There is a system, and you get to play by its rules and wait for the outcomes. You wait patiently the way a farmer waits for the seeds to sprout then become plants and eventullay he harvests them. The farmer cannot say he is not planting because he does not want to get a loss. You cannot say you are not going to invest because you do not want to lose your investment. However, you can study the ways of investment, and ways to minimize risk and increase returns. After that, the opportunities available will dictate the returns you get.
We are always encouraging people to think about the role they play in their life. You have a world around you, and that is what is affecting the progress you make towards your personal success. Whether you want money or women, or cars, or books. It all depends on the work you are putting in, and the efficiency of such effort. But you will move faster ahead when you become outcome independent. You can try to win against life, but such strategies always fail. It is like having a goal that you strive at achieving and then somehow you get it, and you end up aiming for another goal. You are a hamster on a wheel.

Instead, try set up a system that gives you an opportunity to work or enjoy yourself irrespective of the outcomes you get. That way, you enjoy life minus searching for a meaning of life. You continously pray for everything to turn out well, and work towards making the best with what you have. We know things usually turn out better fo those who put themselves on the front line and do the work.

Losers have no room for an abundant mindset and they fall for any scam under the sun. They want to beat the system, so they think they can do the least work and win. Unfortunately, it does not work that way, and even in the coming century thing will not work like that. A loser is positioned to lose all the time because by definition he/she is a loser. Unless you change from your loser mentality, you are really not going anywhere. Think about that statemetn hard, and understand our post “rules are rules.”

We see this all over the world, and you probably see it too. Some people are always self-sabotagingn because they care much about the outcome, yet do nothing to influence their circumstances approrpirately. It seems that they keep wanting to talk about war, yet they are also the ones complaining of lack of peace. The losers in this world want to sleep longer in the morning and keep complaining about not having enough time for doing something to better themselves that is outside their jobs. Losers exist everywhere in all levels.

They go for the best seats in the cinema and fail to work on their dating and relationship issues, so they are always complaining that it is hard to get a girl at the cinemas. Losers are pathetic, and thinking in their ways is pathetic. They think hard about a particular outcome, but are really giving a fuck about the outcome while not spending time working on the process that should guarantee some bits of their outcome.

Winners are very different. They embrace a champions mentality and use the outcome independence strategy. They care less about the outcome of their initiative and thus focus more on the process. They know that the outcome is just part of the whole price of existence, and it will always be there as long as they are working on th eprocess. There is an outcome whether you work hard or not, so it is better for you to assume all the resources are working in your favor and work. We just explained the abudance mentality in that statement, but we don’t mind repeating it. We care less about hohw you take it, but we know somehow you are going to take it in a cettain way. Again, we just explained ourselves on the outcome independence with this last statement.

The abundant mindset is the one where you think about things and issues from a plentiful perspective. You work hard and earn money, but instead of feeling bad about your bad paycheck, you realize that you actually worked and got it. Thus, you could work some more, and may be diffrently to realize some new money. You could expand your income streams and realize some more money. It works simply like that, and many people unfortunately are getting it all wrong, thus they lose the opportunitiy to grow.