The following five hacks can make you look better and cool instantly. In this article, the boys at ILEBET are explaining to you five things about manly grooming that lead to a better look. These five things are hats, beards, hair, body fat, and chewing gum.

Reasons for looking presentable

You have a choice in life, and you should make the right one. You should look good because that alone can help you achieve success. Looking good is the reason why some people go past interviews. Male humans will be lenient when dealing with attractive females. The reverse case is also true. People are likely to treat you favorably when you look well groomed. However, the first thing they are going to see is your face. Your face is going to linger in their mind for some time after the first encounter. Make them have a good impression of you so that they are willing to forgive some of your crude relationship mistakes. Make them give you the benefit of doubt by trying out five hacks that transform you into becoming presentable.

The 5 hacks

Wear hat

Measures of human body symmetry may correlate with attractiveness. The symmetrical features of the face may indicate, a person’s phenotypic and genetic qualities. Females have a preference for symmetry of male characteristics and when you join the dots, the need to look attractive as a man should become clear. We are not saying that you do some splashy plastic surgery things here. No. Just find a good hat and use it to induce some perception of symmetry. It will go a long way, and it will give you some appearance of class.

Grow a beard

You need a beard to look good and manly. You want to appear as attractive as possible, and females will only be attracted to the opposite sex. The more masculine you appear, the higher your chances of being attractive to the girls. Being manly in this case refers to the physical appearance. We are not talking about anything else. We understand that some people are manly on the outside and that is all they have to present. Be manly in appearance, and you will likely make heads turn, and your fellow men will appear to respect you as a grown up.

The trick is to grow a beard. Keep it cleanly shaven by trimming it to a presentable height and cut it under the neck so that it appears to only grow longer towards and just below the chin. The style of shaving your beard will also depend on your race and facial features that come with it. Whites, Africans, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs and so on will have different facial hair features and can find appropriate ways to grow a beard to reflect that, and some people will also want to have chicks covered in hair for different reasons. Neat beards are the way to go, and the rule of thumb is to have something to hold just below your chin.

Trim your head hair short on the sides

The box style is back, albeit with some alteration to fit your head type and to leave you presentable. The short hair on the side and a little more along the center increase the symmetry characteristics of your look and also improves the facial look.  However, this hairstyle is different from the Mohawk type. You want to look presentable not to attract rock star attention. Unwanted fame can be very costly so avoid it.

Get low body fat

If you already have low body fat, you will notice your face looking less chubby and more refined on the edges. The jawline is clear, and that is what makes you handsome. Round faces make you look soy.

Always be chewing gum when chilling

Chewing gum is a good exercise for the jaw muscles, it helps strengthen them, and that improves both your looks and your biting stamina. It might also help align your teeth, which leads to fewer visits to the dentist. Most of the users prefer not to visit dentists anyway since we have ways of regrowing our teeth using Dr. Price’s guides.

Your good looks are just five hacks away. Go forth and hack it!