Today on ILEBET, we are going to tell you about types of habits that take you backward.
There is no second life, and you should think about the first part of this sentence carefully.

You should not be wasting time planning on what you will do tomorrow, and waiting for tomorrow to waste yet more time pushing things to tomorrow and planning on how you will do them.

How to tell you are procrastinating in life

There are ways to tell whether you are procrastinating in life. Your life remains the same or only changes a little bit. Look at last year at this time and this year now. If you are still doing some things the way you did them last year, then you can expect the same results you got last year. Did you get a 10% bump in profits last year by doing the same thing you are doing now?

You can use this question in other areas of your life. For instance, were you still addicted to the TV last year? How did it turn out? Are you still going to stay addicted to TV this year? What do you think will be the result?

Solution to procrastination

You can change your life, but it will be a painful process because you have to unlearn and relearn new habits. It is not a quick process despite the claim made by 99% of websites online. Anyone telling you that procrastination is nothing bad and that you could get over it in a few hours is simply lying to you and probably wants your money. The solution to procrastination is a mindset change. You have to shift from a loser mentality to a champions mentality.

If you have been applying the lessons in this blog such as thinking about and working on everything to make your success a reality, then you have something to start with now. You cannot possibly grasp everything there is to know about procrastination. However, you can start working on a few solutions coming your way from the books and websites you read. If you are truly moving towards the 10% of people in life who achieve what they want, then you are already appreciating the value of hard work. Thus, procrastination would already start to be a thing of your past, a distant memory. Nevertheless, we accept that not all of you are making the transition at the same time.

The first step is to recognize your stupid rationalization. You are pilling work with the assumption that tomorrow you will wake up motivated and ready to do all the work that you were unable to do today. It is a silly thought if you think about it. If someone else was telling you his predicament and you realize he has been doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, then you would call him a fool. There is no logical explanation of that kind of behavior, yet 90% of people do it Monday through Friday at work, and they expect different results.

One of us was quite frank about his procrastination tendencies. He usually wrote it as part of his CV, under the “things to know about me” section. It was hilarious. He said he worked best under pressure and thought it would make him appear very productive.

We realize that many people think that leaving everything to the last minute and then running helter-skelter trying to finish the job is the best approach for handling their jobs. It is not the best thing to do, and anyone doing it is a loser at work.

Time waits for nobody. The best way of handling procrastination tendencies is to develop a killer instinct like that of an animal that is about to hunt prey. It knows the importance of the job and does not spend hours considering whether the job could come tomorrow such that today becomes a resting day. Change your mindset and attack now. We stressed this point in a previous post when we were talking about doing one thing at a time and sticking to that until the end.

Time wasters and procrastinators love multi-tasking. They are busy people, but they are rarely productive people. They are just touching this and that, with an intention to be productive.

Embrace the killer instinct

Move away from the losers mentality to the champions mentality and be on the attack mode. You are here to work. Work on building multiple sources of income, and work on finishing the job at hand. As soon as you complete the task at hand, take on another job and do it well without further delays. If you were doing this a year ago and kept doing it until now, you would read this article and nod in agreement. Things must be very different for you now, and you don’t need a justification of the need to abandon the loser’s mentality.