There is no time for downtime. Your productivity is not going to wait for you. We already asked you to do the work now. It might be the most difficult thing but trust us; we had the same problem when starting to write this article. Go on and make it happen. The only thing stopping you is probably you. Of course, we are assuming that there are no emergencies. You are just toying with the idea of watching TV, going out for a while, reading more news, and refreshing pages to see some latest update on twitter. You may be on your phone, on Facebook or Instagram, just flipping, and having minor orgasm whenever you see a funny, extra ordinary looking image. You know yourself and if this is your life then you are losing big time. Hit reset and get the work done. Get the reading done and get yourself into a productive mode. You should expect no resting time for you until after you work. Rest should include sleeping, taking a nap, meditating, and so on. Otherwise, we do not count any of the things you are doing right now as anything meaningful. You are just hibernating and if we were horror movie enthusiasts, we could call that a zombification of your-self. Have a life and build yourself into being anti-fragile. Today we read a good twitter quote by and it is worth paraphrasing here. Therefore, there you go…

Telling people to be “just yourself” is terrible when they lack enough self-development. They will not know what to do with that message. They will keep doing the self-sabotaging things and end up losing big time in their different endeavors. Meanwhile, once you self-develop, you will not need any advice regarding just being yourself. You are already yourself.

The “be yourself” advice is stupid

In short, the person telling you to be yourself is asking you to look inward and find the necessary resources to self-develop. He or she is telling you that your current level of development is mediocre. You must upgrade yourself. Thus, it makes no sense at face value to be you. Girls like giving boys this bad advice when they are pretending to help them. They say just be yourself and things will turn out fine. You were your mediocre self and they turned out horrible. You need to change, and be something else to get different results.

The ilebet way is to do it now

We are advocating that you change and be productive. We want you to live for the things that make up your productivity system. It is not just a matter of doing work and being busy. It’s far from that. We are focusing on everything for You have a self-corporation to run here and you want to be improving all its departments.

Stop giving yourself loser excuses such as not having enough time and just doing what everybody is doing. Ask yourself what is the worst that might happen after you opt to work for just a little longer for yourself. What would happen when you take an hour today reading a book so that you improve your thoughts? What about stopping that Facebook masturbation and just looking at a wall, appreciating your growth as a person, and thinking about your plans. Let us ask you, have you ever just shut everything off and thought about what you are really doing. You may not have an answer, but you need one soon. What are you doing in life right now?

An anecdote relevant to this story

Recently, we were listeners to another person saying how they heard another person proclaiming that women need to live carefree in their twenties and settle at 35 then focus on getting back to school in their forties to improve their earnings. It is their opinion. We are not going to rubbish it. Who wants fun now? You probably raised you hand, but the advice as if the one above gets you the fun first and the hard work later. Unfortunately, your body works in the reverse way. You have all the energy now to do the hard part, and you will have less or no energy in future. You cannot escape the reality. Thus, you should do the hard work now, and focus more on developing yourself, and becoming a better version of you. We know success means something to you. Go with your definition. What is important is taking words in this article and converting it into nothing. Taking the nothingness with you is good, but our only recommendation is that you take nothingness and turn it into something.

Concluding remarks

See yourself evolve into a capable human, with money, love, and health. You need all those and if you keep it at enough, always coming back for new dosses, you will get there. That was our moment to brag. We are not apologizing. Nevertheless, stick to the system, modify it as necessary when you discover new tricks, but always have a systemized approach to achieve success in things you do. It is easier, safer, and reliable that way.