Saying No can really be difficult even though it is the most important part of your time reclamation system. When you say no, you allow yourself to continue pursuing things that matter to you. Saying no is a way of saying yes to other things. The vacuum you create by saying no shall get filled by something else that you say yes to. Here are some examples. Saying NO is a basic skill that you must learn today.

When you say no to late night TV and phone browsing to see Instagram and Facebook updates, you also say yes to the opportunity to do something else with your time. You could sleep or read a book. Probably, you could meditate.

You can think of other examples for your life. It is very likely that in the past you said yes to something such as doing a favor and you ended up regretting it.

Here are a few things that you can say NO right now.

  1. Cut your social media time to a bare minimum. See your posts and updates after six hours. If possible, just have a glimpse once a day. You will be surprised. You will not be missing anything really. It is a good way of teaching yourself to stop being too anxious at small things. I was telling fans the other day that it been almost a month since I was on Twitter.
  2. Stop giving favors. You have no obligation to give favors. Just do things because you want to do them and not to really create a reciprocating effect on your behalf. If it was to happen, then it will. Stop pressurizing yourself too much on what you cannot control. Do something, but do not consider it a favor because that will teach you bad expectations about assistance from other people.

Contexts for saying NO will arise from unexpected places. You need to exercise your options and see where your time, attention, and effort will be going when you say yes. Be a little bit selfish with yourself.

Focus on your work and say no to distractions. Say no to colleagues who just want to hang with you and spend your time on their things. Be selfish until a point where people see that you really care about yourself. Such actions set up a system for success that you are going to rely on for many years to come.