You need a vision and some of you might have goals already. However, do not fret about how you get there. Your concern should be about the lifestyle you cultivate as you strive to realize your vision. Being able to do things in time, when you have the most resources, including energy, should be a priority. Your youthful days are your best days for hard work. While your older days will help you manage the resources, you build to improve your self-sufficiency. A system is what this blog will be talking about in the next paragraph. Read on to find out why you should be cultivating a systemized lifestyle that fits your needs and those of your vision.

Vision is only a stepping stone

Being visionary is commendable. The reason is that so many people who aspire to get things yet they are not at all visionaries. Having some imagination of what your life in the next seven months and the next 14 years should be is really a major stepping-stone. You are at least better than most people are. However, getting a vision is one of the easiest things to do, and many people can do it. Thus, you are not any unique. Utilizing steps that help you realize that vision is vital. These steps separate you from the rest of the mediocre people. While others focus more on discussing people who are achieving their visions, you will be nodding in agreement, and then going back to your cubicle or home and doing the work.

The importance of work [taking action]

You should see work as prayer, and you should understand the concept of energy because they are fundamental to the buildup of a system that lets you realize your vision. There is really nothing worth doing well if it is not part of your system. Doing it well from outside a system perspective, will mean that its results will just serve you temporarily. Compare that with someone who is always taking one action after another to execute rules set in his or her system. The actions will lead to results that have compounding effects.

An example of a system used to achieve a vision

Think about a blog. It might be part of a system to become an author in future. The author is a future dream that forms your imagination. The blog represents the system that you shall use to be an author. Everything blog-related will just be the parameters of the system. Thus, you will be working towards being good at running the blog. You will be interacting with your readers, after working so hard to attract them to your blog. Besides that, you will be featuring several products, services, and ideas on the blog for commercial purposes to help sustain your efforts for becoming an author. Two or three years of consistent action and you wake up one day and realize that people already refer to you as a top-selling author.

The achievement of visions might appear magical, but the reality is as follows. Behind every realized dream or achievement, there is a series of steps taken consciously or unconsciously. Some people will obey rules at work and aim to get a promotion. Others will really focus on rules of doing business as they seek success. The central theme in all this examples is the presence of a system that enables you to achieve your vision.

Do not seek motivation. Work and your muse will find you.