We seem to all have addictions that are subtly messing our lives. We need to let them go and one way of doing that is by addressing these burdens. Do not take this post as a victim story, or a victim identification charade. We talk about serious things affecting most of our followers who are on a path towards success, yet seem to hit stumbling blocks. Addictions are powerful resistances to one’s ability to do what they want in a most efficient manner. In this regard, when speaking of addictions, we cover almost everything under the sun, while also agreeing that the too wide definition might now help much.

So, put it simply, we handle the addiction to booze, toxic friends, and bad mindsets. A mind that is always improving and becoming self-sufficient in all aspects is what the Ilebet lifestyle is all about from start to end.

Addiction to booze

It is the most difficult to imagine. Addiction to booze camouflages itself and is easy to dismiss until you realize that you are going out your way to just find it easy to get drunk. When getting drunk is so easy, but you are always doing it after letting go things that you wanted to do then there is a problem. When you leave work Friday evening, because it is time to booze with friends, then you are on a path to destruction. Doing it ten times in a year might be acceptable. Many people do it more than 100 times in a year, and that turns things pathetic.

Booze addiction also manifests through the kind of alcohol you take. People finding themselves unable to just order water in between drinks or to drink as little as they used to do five years ago and be okay are already starring at a huge addiction problem. Unfortunately, the per capita alcohol consumption of the population frequenting nightclubs, and day sports bars is too high for you to use it as a yardstick for measuring your drinking risk.

Your body can handle alcohol, but excess alcohol wears it down drastically.

The consequence of alcohol addition is lost time. Time is money. Lost time might mean the inability to find your correct creative spot the next day because you are still trying to focus on things that should be over long ago. Lost time might also mean you did not quite move fast with the date you were having. You let alcohol fool you into divulging more than necessary.

Toxic friends

In this life, you are just alone. Friends are simply a world you create and curate. However, many people find that their friends are running their lives. Friends are creating an identity for them. They are presenting routines, values, and opportunities that these persons feel obliged to follow.

Friends of such character are either good or bad for you. Being too much hinged on them is bad for you. It robs you of the ability to create your world, experiences, and lessons. It fixes you into a zombie, follower, useless, uncreative, and addicted mode. You are likely to waste a lot of time chasing after things that are not helping you. Friends in this manner can cause you to lose time for inward focusing.

Coping with friendship demands is a skill you must learn. You need to detach yourself from the bustle of life, evaluate your reason for doing things, and hanging out with people, then re-engage.

Bad mindset

This one might be the most unfortunate thing to happen to people. They develop a bad mindset and tend to trust the biggest brands, the most learned people, the highly successful people, and the least path of resistance.

These people are pathetic to deal with, for anyone who has been through the red pill experience. But it is understandable for so many of them to be in this predicament. A bad mindset is really a media-fed mindset. When all your hobbies, intentions, achievements, ambitions, and values in life come from what you consume from your TV, twitter stream and other social network information on a second basis then you are developing an instant gratification, always shallow mindset that soon becomes an addiction.

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste”

In a recent survey, we noticed that most of the wannabe readers of this blog cannot cope with the philosophical load in our articles. They are too dumb to read and understand statements. They were not this way. The media made them this way, and they are too addicted to it to understand its effect on them. We still write because we know a few people keep unplugging daily.

Beating the addictions to booze, toxic friends, and a bad mindset

Turn media time into reading time. Stay in when the rest of your hang out friends are going to hang out at your formerly favorite place. Stay in, watch a movie, unwind, iron your clothes, do push-ups and sleep. Go for a walk, ride a bike, go drive, and do some other things, possibly alone. You will be taking care of your life, adopting the ilebet lifestyle zen and getting rid of the three addictions all in one.