MyNoise app that is also available on the website is a nifty productivity tool for high achievers. It is a binaural beat generate and noise generator engine that will help you relax or focus on your work. It gets your brain active early in the morning and makes it sleep when you want it to. Imagine having an on and off switch for the brain that you could really use without side effects. MyNoise is an app and a website that we at would really recommend. You need a few things before starting out.

You will need internet, headphones/earphones, and your phone/computer/tablet.

You will plug in your earphones and navigate your browser to the MyNoise page for your ear experience that is literally out of this world.
You need to isolate external noises if possible such that you get the best experience here. We prefer to use noise-canceling earphones. They are not heavy on the head like over-the-ear headphones. They are also easy to use when in transit.

Some suggestions of places to use the app are,

When you are about to sleep in the bedroom, and you need to get to the right mood. We swear by the experience of the noises. You might feel wet when listening to deep tropic rain sounds. Your body temperature falls slightly as your unconscious brain associates the noise with the real possibility of you being in a place that has the stimulated environmental effects. The stimulating effect on brain function is the reason for the effectiveness of the binaural beats and other frequency specific noises.

I am listening to the white sound generator as I write this article. The sound makes me feel like I am in some expansive never-ending space. I seem to forget about things that are near me such as furniture. I also tend to ignore people because the sound they make with their footsteps and any other movements is not affecting me.

I am focused on just the sound in my head, and it is causing me to easily come up with words to write. Thus, it is allowing me to think freely. I consider that as a boost to productivity when I am in the drafting mode of an article.

Be part of the league of people focusing on work

The implications of using the MyNoise app are tremendous. Imagine working for two hours straight without any distractions, and no wondering of the brain. You are completely focusing on the thing that you are doing for two hours straight. I bet you could do almost all the work that a majority of office workers will do in half a day.

The concentrated effort is one of the principles of the Ilebet guide to making it in life. It is a success lesson that up to now works like a charm.
Productivity tools are usually a source of unproductivity since that force you to focus on setting rules, parameters, and monitoring indicators instead of just working on the task at hand. Consequently, you find people with personal organizers, diaries, and smartphone apps that should boost their productivity. The person then ends up doing nothing worth writing about. You just need to eliminate most things. Get comfortable, and force yourself to work, one step at a time. The binaural beat generator and other associated frequency noise generators will help you feel the workflow into your personality.