An average person today has very many responsibilities. Some of them are valid while others may not really be worth your time. Nonetheless, identifying what is worth and what should pass can be difficult. The difficulty arises mostly because of inertia.

Some lesson about inertia

From a physics perspective, it takes a lot of energy to move a stationary object. Likewise, it takes much force to stop a moving body. The size of the body will be proportional to the force required to move or stop it.

Understanding inertia and applying it to life

Similarly, you will need a lot of force to get you to start doing something. You will also need much force to stop doing a thing. The importance of this thing to your life based on the way you put it will affect the force you need to use to start or stop it. When something is so major, you are unlikely to start working on it.

Life challenges and the way you perceive them

You will experience resistance. Resistance is the counterforce to every force that you are putting. Your effort must be higher than the resistance for the object or thing to move the way you want it.

When you are waking up in the morning, your resolve to wake up must be higher than the temptation to continue sleeping. Otherwise, you are likely to hit snooze on your alarm and go back to bed.

Your responsibilities are a measure of your potential and momentum for growth. They also may point to the direction of your growth. When you are paying too much attention to your responsibility of showing up with your drinking friends each Friday for the rave, then that is the direction you are growing. The strength of your vocation in this area determines the force you need to stop it.

What is the reality?

Some people seem unstoppable in their endeavors. The reality is that they exert much force in what they do such that resistance, which includes external forces, is no match for them.

Thus, if there is any little thing you pick from today’s article is that there is no room for mediocre effort. You must attack your responsibilities furiously for them to obey your will. Either you cut them off, or you commence on their path. No room for half-hearted effort as that will lead to zero results.