Money is for saying hahaha to your problems!
Money is for buying time among many other things. It helps you do things that you would not physically. It gets you from place A to place B, fast. It allows you to earn more money. It saves your passion and expresses your love. A love of money is the right way of doing things. When you love something, you set it free, with conditions that it comes back to you with more of its own. Love money and set it free. Do not adapt your scarcity mindset on money. Do not wish for your money not to disappear. Instead, become one with the saints and the villains. Do what is the best that you can do for cultivating your energy, earn money.

Earn money by providing goods or services. When you earn it, use it up all. Use it for savings, investments, and expenditures. Allow yourself to use money because you know more will come. Since the beginning of civilization, there was money. After it, there might be some form of money. As long as you are alive, money might be the only medium of exchange. Use money to get things you want. Earn money and use it.
Never allow yourself to think bad about money because you deserve money.

The futile mistake people who are not inline with the principle of money make is assuming that having money is evil and then you go on to expect to get money and pay your bills. You need money and you should fix your mindset on money being good.

There is no point of hating on anything that resembles money such as a fully paid holiday trip when you are not the one enjoying it. In a past article about work, we explained that this is the only way to gain happiness. We reiterate our claim here by adding that you should be working on ways to get more money. Do not spend moments thinking of ways to find happiness. Spend time working on ways to improve your productivity and efficiency and the rest is likely to fall into place. In a future post, we shall be talking about not giving a shit about what people say. For now, go with the idea of money is awesome.