You are going to read about the essence of work, with an introductory description of affairs today and why you must work towards your happiness. No shortcuts.

The modern world that we live in requires you to work. You may not know it yet, but work is one of the few things that delivers sustained happiness. Unfortunately, a job is also a reason for depression for many people, and you might wonder why. So many people are not satisfied with what they are doing, and they are doing nothing about it. They are not planning to quit. They are not planning to shift. They aren’t considering any of the options. They are merely opting for the best.
If you assume a winning mentality, then such a job becomes a motivating factor for you to look for something else. It serves as the impetus for personal growth. As an reader, you understand the value of your energy, and you do not want to keep wasting it on trivial things when you could channel it to higher and preferable ventures. Thus, you would be doing something stupid by accepting your fate at a dead end job.

Today’s world comes with many opportunities to self-educate yourself. The internet is getting cheaper by the day and devices for accessing the internet are also getting cheaper. Meanwhile, the population is getting dumb daily. Millions are spending their time on social media chasing the latest memes and highlighting this on their profile. The trend is good for you because it sets the competition bar so low. As others consume their time with twitter trends and Facebook calls, you should be having a deep conversation with someone you do not know. Imagine getting into a room with a someone who did what you want to do, and listening in on what he/she says about life, lessons learned, things to avoid a so on. It would be much rewarding than bombarding your mind with an endless stream of attention seeking memes, calls to action and so on.

Like we said in in the past, you need some time to embrace an elitist mindset. There is some power in personal growth that comes from doing things for you, and a continuous effort to learn and develop. Attending motivational talks does nothing to your growth efforts. However, going from one phone repair shop to another and asking about the process and where to start can immensely boost your resolve, and opportunity to one day learn how to repair phones and open your gig.

The presence of retail and wholesale shops online shipping to almost any country in the world gives you a chance to get things that in the recent past were only available to those who travel. Meanwhile, tutorials and teardown videos, as well as podcasts and books from video sharing sites, bookstores, and other internet sources are there at your disposal.

You only need to work for it.

“Your future awaits you, and six months from now, your future self will be looking back at your 6-month younger self and saying thank you for taking the initiative to work on us”.