The everyday struggles can be something else in your life. They could be the stepping stones to a better you. They could be the enjoyment of work, which sticks your consciousness now. It makes you forget the future, while also helping you secure the future. You are built to work. However, you have a choice of where to do you work. Work for yourself, or let the system work you out. Your choice. Besides that, there can only be one work at a time. Man realized a long time ago that it is impossible to multitask. Despite the existence of this knowledge, man sometimes tries to multitask. Man then wonders why after so much toil, only so little work accomplishment is there to show. Fixing the mind on a single task can be the best thing you try to do this month. It could be the actual defining factor separating your ability to channel your discipline into your work or not.

For those who wonder whether this talk of single-tasking has any merit, I dare you. Observe yourself. Are you working on a single thing now, what about just a few moments ago? The answer lies within. The answer lies in sequencing. No one, not even we at are trying to tell you not to accomplish so many things. Indeed, even our upcoming book on how to fake it till you make it seeks to help you achieve many things in your life. However, there is one thing that you can only do at a time. Hence, you need to sequence. You need to align tasks in succession. Put them one after the other.

Irrespective of what you do, keep on single-tasking and you will find that you achieve so much in such a short time. Many people love the idea of driving while listening to a podcast. We at say that it is far much energy efficient to take a bus and listen to the podcast while on your trip than try to drive, with your eyes and ears on the road and also on the radio or phone.
If there is anything you take from this article, let it be that you should do one thing at a time.