You must look inward. In whatever you do, you create your world. These words appear philosophical, but they remain practical. Look at yourself. You are the only person to influence your destination. You must understand that your life alone affects you.

Here is an example.

Take a day without following the news and twitter, and any updates. Discover your source of wonder, thought, happiness, anger, and many other things by just following this simple step. You will soon understand that whatever you think about seems to come from outside. However, the reality is that you are the one permitting the thought into you and making it your own.

Feign ignorance and importance.

Assume that you are quite busy. Ignore people who want your attention and you have no idea of their biggest fears. You follow on social media these people. They update things thinking that you will read. Forget about this blog for a day. Just go walk, work, cook, sleep, and mind your own business. Mind no one’s business. Become important such that you cannot spare yourself to think of other things.

You are the greatest.

You are the person that makes the changes. Therefore, you are the most important person in this equation. You are the one who will face the consequences of your actions after you get drunk. The only person who will suffer the consequence of paying for a loan that you never took just because you guaranteed someone else is you. The one who will earn the interest income because of the few coins you put aside in investment vehicles such as a money market fund is you. Therefore, you are the most significant factor in this equation. You make the changes.