Why is the debt topic important?

The first rule of faking it is to get out of debt. Debt shackles you. It ties you to your creditor. In addition, the bad habit keeps you tied to your past. Living in debt implies that you are living in the past, because you spend money that you do not have, and then will spend time working for money that you spent in the past.

What should you know as an individual?

An individual debt is not a good thing. A company debt might be. We do not know anything about that. However, we have seen companies growing large and forgetting that they owe other people money. They then collapse when they reach that critical size when too large makes them too strong and brittle.

Brittle is bad for business and debt makes you brittle. Debt can strengthen your image and give you swag. It can let you afford a car. It can also mess up your thinking. It gives you a sense of self-entitlement. It fucks the brain into thinking you are earning an extra income when in fact you are not.

Debt captures the urgency of the moment and trivializes it. It is too unfortunate for you in case you are paying interest on the debt. You can pay interest upon interest and remain with the principal amount. The answer lies here. When you realize you are fighting with debt. Do a 360-degree turnaround.

The simple solution to debt

Cut friends, cut ego, cut everything, and become a church mouse. Literally, work, earn and do not touch your money. Pay your debt. Sleep hungry if possible. Pay your debt. The adrenalin rush you will get and the dopamine surge that will come when you clear your debt is priceless.

Final remarks

No one expects you to gain anything from this article. You are probably full of ego already and cannot fathom anyone advising you about personal consumer debt. It’s your life. Nevertheless, remember, the rules do not change for anyone.