Life is awesome.

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The only thing you should be thinking about now is ways to manage your energy.

Energy, unlike anything else, “can never be created nor destroyed.”

That is a major law of physics.

You can only channel it in a particular way to get results that you want or those that you do not want.

Energy is a beast, a slave, and a master and so on. It is many things in different ways, depending on how you are treating it.

I can tell you right now that I am using my energy to write this article.

And you can reply that I go it from the food I ate, and you probably have your energy from the motivation seminar you attended.

Get the grip of this, energy is in different forms. When you feel energized, that is energy.

And the same thing happens when you feel so lazy after filling your stomach with food. All your energy goes to digestion, and none remains for doing anything else.

Energy is a powerful thing.

Energy is one of the fundamental elements of life that you should learn. You need to understand that energy is a resource.

Whatever you do with it comes later.

Right now, you must get it in your mind that you are energy.

Maybe you are just a collection of energy.

You also emit energy.

And you also receive energy in various forms.

Think of the sunlight, the bad peer influence, the preacher that never stops praying, and your spouse who keeps on giving you heaven.

It is all energy from one container/body to another.