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Rules are rules

If you are to play a game, know the rules.

There are particular rules that affect the outcomes of any game. They affect the opportunities to win and lose. They are your savior if you obey them and they are your enemies when you go against them. Rules differentiate the cool persons from the wannabes. They are the sacred scripture for any situation that finds you. They are not always fair. Stop looking at playing fair, because fair is a relative term. Fair depends on what you call fair. It does not depend on what is actually fair. I will give you an example. To steal might not be fair for the person losing the stolen item. But if the court lets the thief go away  free because of lack of evidence, you cannot blame the rules/law.

Rules of the game are important. There are rules for dealing with a wife. There are rules for dealing with a husband. The rules will depend on so many things. This article will not discuss the variations of the rules and the factors that affect those rules. This article will just stick to the point of rules. It answers the question of why they are important.

Rules run the world. Rules work irrespective of the side you are on. You can call them commandments, or you can call them rules. The idea is the same. They are things that you violate at your own risk. An informed bettor/gambler/investor knows that for him/her to win, he/she must obey some particular rules.

Rules work out for the patient people. Therefore, it is safe to say that rules and patience go together. Rules are the shit that gets you burned. For instance, there is a rule among the boys that you can never trust a snitch. You violate the rule at your own risk. You trust a snitch and you go on burning your fingers in the process. I snitch will snitch you one more time. So, you either learn the rule the soft way or your learn it the hard way. Either way, you will know the rules one day. Pray that that day is not too late.

Rules of the game are superior to any other thing as far as that particular game goes.

As much as I want you to understand the rules, I do not know the rules. I may only give you some rules when I know what game you are playing. Life is a game that goes on irrespective of your playing status. You could be on the bench or on the court. Life keeps gaming you. You might as well keep gaming it.

Rules are the simple things that allow you to get things done. Your brain/mind can conjure up so many things and arrive at outcomes. For example, when you use a keyboard on a computer, you can come up with so many words. If you are typing in the English language then you know one of the rule is to write using the 27 letters of the alphabet, and possibly some symbols to spice your work. It’s simple.

In investing, you want to know the rules of averages, compounding and probability. Some bit of mathematics and you will be set.

In relationships, you want to know the rules of that too.

In faking it, you want to know the rules of psychology and the way people behave irrationally. At least ILEBET focuses so much on this area. Knowing the rules of psychology and the way social human being behave can tell you a lot about so many things. For example, we know of an upcoming game. It’s a boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor. It reveals the insanity of society.

The headlines at CNBC are saying that bookies will lose if McGregor wins because so many McGregor fans are betting for his win with large amounts of money. The headlines are not wrong, but they are also trying to pick a narrative here. They are spinning a thing about the hate of the bookies.

Mayweather vs McGregor

We know that feeling because we have been partly in the group that is trying to fight the system. Notice that we are not calling it a system. Its just an industry. Anyway, with the affairs of the game, you are likely to see people betting emotionally. They see greater odds for McGregor and they bet large amounts for him. Meanwhile, the bookies know, it’s a 50 – 0 (50 matches, no defeat) record for Mayweather. They know this, and the numbers don’t line. A rule for the bookies is to follow the numbers. No emotions involved. They seek to balance their books. They do not seek to spot a winner. They seek to balance the books and get as much transaction income as possible. Of course, if a lot of people lose, then it is good for them. But the rule of the betting game for the bookies is that they must get as much transaction fees as possible. They must encourage as many people as possible to make as many trades as possible.

The rules will ensure that many people lose and many people win. If that is the case, the aim of the bookies is to balance the winners and the losers. If they manage to do that, they sit back pretty with their transaction fees as revenue. Get it?

The second rule is to play long term. The bookies are playing long term. Before the Mayweather vs McGregor game, they had so many other games. After that, they will have so many games. They are in business. They know one of the rules is to keep the doors open.

As a better, you should know the rules. Always seek value. If you are getting a 1.24 odd for Mayweather, against a 3.70 odd against McGregor, then there is a reason for that. McGregor might win. It’s a fact. Mayweather too might win. It’s a fact. However, if we do this ten times, then probably Mayweather will win 9 out of those 10 times. That is just a rough estimate. So, think accordingly.

The rules ground you. They tell you want to expect, and compel you to act or fail to act. Know the rules before getting into the game. Know the rules. If you are in the game already, then rush to the rulebook and make it a friend.

Rules rule.




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