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Your haters will outshine you unless you mind your business


Your haters/competitors are not sleeping. They will outshine you. Start minding your business now. If you don’t, you might as well, sacrifice your freedom and have someone else to blame. But there is a catch. Seth Godin says that sometimes we willingly sacrifice our freedom because it creates an other, someone to blame.

And ILEBET asks, why not?

If you are responsible for something, you get the losses and the gains. The question is, do you have the stamina for both?

Delegation is an element of personal energy management that even military personnel understand. You cannot do everything on your own and still have some of your left at the end of the day or month.

Trying to drive back from the back of the buss  is sure less risky, and those who do it can attest. Everything works calmly and there are so many busy bodies to take the blame before it gets back to you.
Just make sure, you are minding your business.

The problem with sacrificing your freedom for someone else to blame is that, it may cost you the business that you were busy minding.

Companies require certain lengths to their resume from applicants. Sometimes, the embassy office at Riverside Drive, Nairobi  insists on a specific paper for passport-sized photos. They use rules to mind their business and keep blame at bay too.

So, for those who are busy setting aside their responsibilities and forgetting to mind their business, the blame might just penetrate all the busy bodies and get to you.

Instead of focusing on the happenings of other people’s lives, you may need to look more into your own. Just work on getting better at your business and you do that by minding it.

James Allen once wrote that you should husband your resources. The phrase tells you to be selfish with what you have, to cultivate it as much as you can, so that it may grow and bring you a large harvest. Essentially, he was saying, mind your business.

We repeat that here by saying that it would be for your best interest.

As we concur with Seth Godin, you need to be minding your business. You may not face the responsibilities immediately, but when an instruction does not become part of the outcome, things will break. You would not want your affairs to go bad, would you? Only delegate when it is absolute important. And when you do, make sure you have all the rules of the game laid out. Else, you might burn.

Even then, make sure you are sharp and alert about your affairs. People steal time and money from you, unless you keep them in check.

TL;DR – Do not delegate unless you have a system in place to keep others on their toes working for you and your goals.

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