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Middle Class – Nairobi

Middle class people have a problem that the high class and low class people do not have. Middle class people have imaginery problems. They will go hungry just to feel like they are important. They will go to fancy restaurants to receive whack treatment with tin cups instead of clay or glass cups, and sit on hard surface and sometimes ugly wooden benches instead of sofas. They will often take up funny hobbies that neither the wealthy nor the poor in society understands.

The problem with middle class, or being there at the center in a big city is that you do not fit. You are an employee in most cases, and a sheep that follows trends. When its bomber jackets, Nairobians do them like it is no one’s business. Deep inside, they believe they are part of the Air Force, flying bomber planes. But, alas, they go ahead and pair them with torn jeans. I mean, how poor-emulating would you get at that?

The problems of the people in the middle is that they become so much feminized as they seek to control society. Those who fail the feminization effect end up top or bottom depending on how well the society will consider their individuality. Meanwhile, at the middle, it is all about kissing ass. Telling people how much equal and fair they are, all the while, trolling them on twitter and other social media platforms.

nairobi is harsh for middle classes
Its a shitty Nairobian life, living paycheck to impress

Any adventure proclaimed by the masses turns out to be just another territorial claim by bunches of don’t-know-anything-busybodies. No men left. Just wannabe women.

The problem here is not that people are caught up in the middle. The issue is that they are propagating themselves to fit the middle that does not exist. Thus, you get a bipolar disorder. You are today rich, and when your loans are due, you get desperately poor, until when you win the next jackpot.

Check out Nairobi and Lagos streets to find so many iphone carrying people with no decent pair of shoes who go with no decent meals for days. They exist. And this is not about those who refuse to let go an archaic old iphone 4 or 5 for a much more capable android that is 1/3 of the price of the old iphone. Status is everything, and Nike or similar brand names give you status. So, why on earth would anyone expect middle class nairobians to let go their coffee?

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