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Month: August 2017

Rules are rules

If you are to play a game, know the rules.

There are particular rules that affect the outcomes of any game. They affect the opportunities to win and lose. They are your savior if you obey them and they are your enemies when you go against them. Rules differentiate the cool persons from the wannabes. They are the sacred scripture for any situation that finds you. They are not always fair. Stop looking at playing fair, because fair is a relative term. Fair depends on what you call fair. It does not depend on what is actually fair. I will give you an example. To steal might not be fair for the person losing the stolen item. But if the court lets the thief go away  free because Read more

Your haters will outshine you unless you mind your business


Your haters/competitors are not sleeping. They will outshine you. Start minding your business now. If you don’t, you might as well, sacrifice your freedom and have someone else to blame. But there is a catch. Seth Godin says Read more

Middle Class – Nairobi

Middle class people have a problem that the high class and low class people do not have. Middle class people have imaginery problems. They will go hungry just to feel like they are important. They will go to fancy restaurants to receive whack treatment with tin cups instead of clay or glass cups, and sit on hard surface and sometimes ugly wooden benches instead of sofas. They will often take up funny hobbies that neither the wealthy nor the poor in Read more

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